Little girls say 'f***' for feminism

Five foul-mouthed little girls between the ages of six and 13 are the tag line for a promotional piece for, which aims to show that people who are offended by little girls liberally using the f-word should really be concerned about how each of these little girls are likely to be paid 20% less than their male counterparts when they hit the job market, and how one of them is likely to be raped.

I like the premise behind the advert, because it juxtaposes a supposed social faux pas with the fact that women are still not treated equally to men. But it doesn't really sit well with me - it's the type of sensationalism that organisations stoop to to attract attention to their campaigns - like PETA's naked vegan celebrity adverts.

The problem I have is that organisations like this have no choice but to do something shocking and outrageous to attempt to bring something serious into the spotlight, when people like those in the entertainment industry need only to perform raunchily on stage, or rudely and childishly interrupt a Grammy Award winner's acceptance speech, or perform on stage in a swirl of demons.

Doesn't it all seem a little backwards to you? We should really focus our attention on making the world better, not on people who earn more than everyone reading this post combined, and then some.


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