Bathroom Fix-Up: Day 7

paint-bathroomAfter a week of toil, I'm about a day away from finishing up. The ceiling has been painted, as have the walls, door frame, and window frame.

The colour I chose for the wall looks grey in natural light, and though it's not the grey I was wanting, it does look really good on the walls. It has a blue tint that goes well with the colour scheme I have in mind.

It's odd and yet fulfilling to work on and fix up a mess. Things that weren't done correctly the first time, I have the opportunity to do right.

The workers had not bothered painting the hinges that fit under the basin...

... so I've painted them and the bottom of the basin white. It looks much neater, though our basin is not mounted yet. I also figured out why the joint between the wall and the bath looked so terrible. They had simply plastered over the old silicon sealer we had put onto the bath. I've redone nearly the entire strip.




I've also neatened up the joints between the wall and the pipes, and painted them.

 Untidy-pipe-wall-joint Pipe-wall-joints-neatened

Now all I have left is to clean the stains off the floor and wall tiles, regrout, and try to properly seal the tap joints to the wall. And maybe another coat of paint on the ceiling and door.


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