Are skinny jeans the new skirt?

I was recently at a family function, where at least two women I was with complained about how limited their movements were in their skinny jeans.

The first time, my cousin tried to climb onto a horse, and the second time, my sister tried to climb onto the back of a bakkie.

This made me consider whether the skinny jean - that enemy of every curvaceous woman in the world, that bastion of skinny - might just be the new movement-limiting skirt.

Remember when you were a little girl and hated wearing dresses or skirts, because it meant you would have to act like a "lady" and keep your legs closed and not romp around the garden?

Maybe the skinny jean is the new version of this - sure, you have more "movement", but the skinny jean has done nothing but make us poor women believe that we can be fashionable and non-feminine, while we still cannot comfortably take part in activities that would require flexibility.

It is interesting that searching for the term 'curse of the skinny jean' on Twitter comes up with plenty of results about how the skinny jean represents goal weights and dieting success. This is simply proof of women's oppression and repression through the skinny jean - not only can we hardly move while wearing them (alas, some of us will never be able to squeeze into some of them), we constantly deem ourselves unworthy to wear them because of our body shapes.

Do you own a pair of skinny jeans?


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