Our bathroom catastrophe

Living in an older apartment complex left our pipes with such low pressure that our hot water barely trickled out of our kitchen faucets. We decided in October to have the old pipes replaced, which would involve removing all the old tiles, the bath, the basins, and the toilets, smashing through the walls, taking out the old pipes, replacing them, plastering everything back up, repainting and retiling.

What should have been a two-week job max ended up taking more than a month due to the contractor - who shall not be named - taking his own sweet time.

We were without hot water for a night, without a toilet for a night, and without a bath or shower for nearly that entire time. I know, it sounds gross, but I promise we washed every night! ;) Emma even bathed in the kitchen basin.

I think at the end we just let them leave because we were just so tired of everything, but the little details were completely ignored. And they showed no care or pride in their work. I believe it's because their supervisor only came to see what had been done maybe four times in the whole month.

They ruined our enamel bath - we'll have to have it redone. They messed up the SatinCrete application, so not only does it *not* feel like satin, it's not even a uniform colour. When they applied the sealant, they applied so much it dripped down the walls and pooled on the basin and floors. When they painted the ceiling, they dripped all over the place, and I eventually figured out that a strange splodge on the wall was actually where the sponge roller had slipped and fallen against the SatinCrete. The tiles were stained from the SatinCrete they messed, they installed a basin skew, and knocked a screw in flat instead of driving it in. And we kept noticing new stuff every day.

I intend to do the fixing up myself - not willing to risk another disappointment. But below are some images so you can see for yourself what a mess we have to deal with.

This is what our bathroom looked like just before they applied the sealant. You can see just from this image what the job looked like. See the finish of the plaster? It looked worse after they sealed it.
This is how the SatinCrete was done above the bath joint. The first image is what it looked like before they sealed it; the second is what it looks like after they sealed it.

This is what our tiles on the bathroom floor look like. The grooves between the tiles were filled with SatinCrete, but the workers just filled up the leftover spaces with grout. 
This is the finish of the paint on the ceiling.
They left the plaster job unfinished above the geyser. I know it's a difficult spot to do, but no one told us it would be a problem until they'd finished the plaster job.
The air brick in the shower room.
The paint job on the window frames.
Our once-white bath.
They didn't bother using a drop sheet. This is our carpet.
Our skew basin.
The drips of sealant at the bottom of the walls. 
The ledge between our shower and the floor.
This faucet, as well as the shower head and the one for the other bathroom, wiggle when you move them.
The finish of the wall in the shower room.
More drips of sealant in the bathroom.
The strained pipes to the faucets in the bathroom, and the hammered-flat screw.
The paint splodge I was talking about.
The finish on our tiles and around the toilet in the bathroom.
Finger-scrapings in the finished SatinCrete. The didn't bother sanding it or flattening it while it was still wet.
The tile job under the toilet in the shower.
 I would love to know what you think, and if you have any suggestions on how I should proceed?


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