Bathroom Fix-Up: Day 1

I'm sure you're aware of the catastrophe that is our bathroom and shower room (If you're not, read about it here).

I started fixing the bathroom up yesterday, after much groaning and procrastination. We have been bemoaning the expense of the SatinCrete walling, because it really is such a waste since we've decided to just paint over it all, but it's either painting over it or redoing the special plastering. For the latter, we could spend more money purchasing more product, and then risk it not sticking to the already-sealed surface. I have my doubts as to whether it will be successful this time around anyway, and we're also relatively sick of having people in and out of our place. So we've opted for the paint option.

Over the weekend, I purchased a tinted tin of Plascon's Drifting Skies in their Kitchens & Bathrooms brand. The colour on their website is more blue than grey, but you can see it below on their paint swatch (it's the second one).
I started by removing the basin, and you can see how the sealant the workers used changed the end-colour, quite significantly. You can also see how rushed the job was. They had put the basin on according to their guide marks, but didn't bother removing them before sealing it all up.


Climbing up on the ladder helped me see even more shoddy work:

The plaster work around the airbrick.
The plaster work above the door frame. Note the drips of sealant.
The paint job in the corner. Note also how the ceiling was painted without any of the plaster sanded down.

By the end of the day, I had completed sanding three of the walls (I manually sanded the first wall before using our sanding machine - don't ask!). I filled the gap in the corner and between the door frame and wall, and also tried to tidy up the airbrick and other spots. I'm sure it will look fine once the paint job is done.

I also knocked off the plaster that had messed on our window bars and the plaster around the window frame, which had also just been painted over.

Today I will sand the last wall, and then fill in all the holes in the last three walls. These include gaps between the ceiling and wall, places in the plaster where scrapes are pretty deep (such as a spot where someone ran their fingers over the wet plaster and didn't flatten it out again, and gaps between the window frame and walls.

I was looking at the tile work, and considering whether I should redo some of them, since they're not level. What do you think?

Let me know in the comments section if you have any tips!


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