October 6, 2014

First-World Mothers Are Lucky

Back on 6 April, it was almost time for me to give birth to my baby, and I was pretty grateful that I have easy, good access to medical care. Some women in Africa walk miles - in labour - to give birth to their children at a facility that might be a hospital only in name.

I could barely last an hour going through the labour pains!

Christie Turlington, meanwhile, launched a foundation to help save women from haemorrhaging during child birth - it's one of the major causes of maternal death.

Via Upworthy

What are your experiences or opinions on childbirth? Particularly as news about The Odon is circulating on the Internet: according to reports, it will help prevent caesarian sections during complications, and will also ease natural childbirth. Watch the video demo here.

I agree that we need better childbirth methods, especially in third world countries; I find it curious, though, that they're testing it in third world countries first! :D The lady in the interview mentions Argentina and South Africa. Sure, the applications are more valid in third world countries, but if anything happened to go wrong? Wouldn't it make more sense to test it in a place where the best medical facilities are available?

Maybe I'm putting too much thought into this...

{Image source: By USAID Africa Bureau (Health care for sick babiesUploaded by Elitre) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons}

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