August 11, 2014

Purebred Cruelty

Wikimedia Commons\Aobranc
I recently attended the World of Dogs and Cats in Johannesburg over a week ago. I enjoy going; I like to see all the different breeds of cats and dogs, watch some animals frolic with their owners in the competitions, and just generally look around.

I haven't been to the expo in quite some time, and this time around, I could not get a dis-eased feeling out of my stomach. The trained dogs barked and played with their owners, running after balls and through hoops and climbing through obstacle courses, and though I smiled, I still felt dis-eased. Walking through the cat hall, the prim and proper flat faces of Persians lined the desks, and I couldn't help feeling dis-eased, especially when my mom reached out to pet one of the cats, and the owner said, "Please don't! He's about to be judged!" When I took a peek at the show budgies, I looked at their squashed-in beaks, wondered how they breathed with hardly any nostrils, and felt dis-eased.

I think my issue this year was the result of a ViralNova article I read about how purebred dogs and cats and other animals are merely human-enhanced; that is, their deformed, genetic mutations have been taken advantage of to meet the "breed standards" of a select few, and usually result in short lives of pain for the animals in question. With certain characteristics becoming associated with certain breeds, those characteristics were encouraged by inbreeding, and more inbreeding, so that the Persian cat's nose is just-so, the bull terrier's snout is just-so, the pug can hardly breathe through its tiny snout, the sloping back of the Alsatian is its painful bane, the bulldog can only give birth through Caesarian section because the puppies' heads are too big, and most "purebred" animals have shortened lifespans as a result of cancer, bone and spine issues, sensitive stomachs, and much more.

So, like College Humor (below) says, give me a little mongrel any day. At least he'll share more than six years with me.

{Image source: Wikimedia Commons\Aobranc}

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