August 1, 2014

Giraffe's Death Ruined My Friday

I was enjoying my Friday, because I was surprised that it was Friday, until I heard the news about a giraffe killed on the N1 highway because it hit its head on a bridge.

I would love to know who thought it would be a good idea to let the heads of these animals stick out above the truck. It's such an illogical thing to do, I have to wonder if the person who told the drivers they could go was of sane mind.

I don't believe the neglect was purposeful, but it's the apathetic not-my-problem attitude that permeates the accident that has my blood boiling. It's because this attitude of it's-not-my-job is one of the reasons the world is the way it is today. No one takes responsibility for anything, because it's always someone else's responsibility.

People on social networks were also outraged by the incident:

I think the outrage is more intense in South Africa, because we already have to deal with reports that over 1,000 rhinos were killed in 2013 alone because of demand from the Asian black market for the supposed horn that is proven not to solve the sexual problems of its buyers, and that the killing of our rhinos is ongoing. We hear about our pangolin being eaten to extinction and its scales sold in the thousands on the black market because they are believed to be a miracle cure. We have to deal with hunters coming from the West revelling in canned lion hunting because, you know, they paid for the right. We've just recently heard about the first two elephants poached for ivory in our country since forever.

And then we have this blatant ignorance, or apathy, or uncaring attitude that carelessly transports such beautiful and dignified animals without a further thought than how much they're going to be paid at the end of the day.

Well, I hope you're sued for animal cruelty and neglect. I hope your pay goes into paying for your idiocy. Even though it won't make up for the loss of a life.

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