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July 12, 2013

A Past Batman Confuses a Secretary

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July 12, 2013 

'Willow' was one of my favourite films growing up. The dynamic between Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer was one of the most enjoyable aspects of the film (aside from Kilmer stepping in troll poo! :) ).

Time has passed and obviously both actors have moved on, with one of Kilmer's most notable characters being none other but Batman (in Batman Forever, which was the first Batman film that didn't make it onto my all-time favourite list).

In this funny film, it's obvious the secretary is not as clued up as me when it comes to actors, even though she works for one... She's absolutely clueless. At least she knows Michael Keaton was Batman once...

Via The Mary Sue

July 9, 2013

Expectations After Pregnancy

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There's a lot of pressure on women to look a particular way, and women who've just given birth are particularly under pressure. Their bodies go through so much during nine months: throwing up, being sapped of nutrients and minerals (baby has first choice after one eats), having your small intestine crushed against your diaphragm, and seeing your belly stretch at least twice as much as normal being only a few of the effects. And yet, after these taxing times, women are expected to have the svelte and slim bodies they possessed before, much like the Victoria's Secret models who seem to be sexier after their births than ever. This is, of course, an unrealistic expectation of the women who are raising the next generation. At least this one photographer is hoping to show how beautiful mothers' bodies are after their pregnancies.

Image is a screencap from Huffington Post's article.