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June 25, 2012

Models Breaking the Mould? Hah!

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This article in the Guardian talks about five models who are supposedly 'breaking the mould' of what is acceptable in the modelling industry.

We have the older model, the overweight model, the black model, the 'feminist' model, and the androgynous model. But it seems one of the most important things in the article is not so much the models, but the food they eat. The article starts out asking if models eat biscuits, and we discover that indeed, they do, if they're Daphne Selfe, the older model. Oh, she also eats cake. What type of cake we're not told. Possibly a carrot cake? One made without sugar and cream cheese icing?

To make matters worse, every model is asked what they ate during the day. The meals are sometimes scant and depressing, and even when they seem to be large, like Daphne's "chicken or salmon with rice and lots of vegetables", I can't help but picture eensy-weensy servings. Controversial model Andrej Pejic even admits, "To maintain a 25-inch waist, you can't go round eating cakes and chocolate". Spot any contradictions at all?

And the buxom model says: "It was impossible not to look at magazines and look at my body and think, 'if only I was skinnier' or, 'if only my legs weren't so muscular", she says. So there is hope for the normal women, after all? Oh, wait, Sophie Dahl was also supposed to revolutionise the modelling industry. And we all know what happened to her...

And what did she have to eat the entire day? A detox juice and a coffee, a beet salad and pumpkin and tofu crepe for lunch, and a cornmeal patty for dinner.

I don't know about you, but the modelling industry seems to be so full of contradictions. No wonder women are so confused nowadays. These women have valuable insight, such as Tara Lynn's
"It's such a normal part of human socialisation to measure ourselves against our peers, thinking, 'Do I fit into that?' But it's valuable to have diversity. We have to celebrate our bodies. There is no reason to hate what you live in - the only choice is to take care of it."
but I feel that the article is so full of hurtful statements that completely drown out the positives:

- Andrej's statement about a 25-inch waist;
- Daphne's statements: "I think it's fine for a woman of my age to have long hair, but I think we should wear it up"; "What upsets me is the way older people don't bother any more. I never go out without make-up."
- Charlotte Free on not shaving his underarms: "I only shave them once in a blue moon for a really big job. I like to keep my body hair. It's a symbol of how I'm not going to conform to something that's so ridiculous" - those really big jobs are the ones that would matter in the greater scheme of things, surely?
- Jourdan Dunn: "Being away from my son kills me, but I do get to go to amazing places" - that's really much better, then.

Maybe I'm just being over-analytical because it's late and I'm kind of sleepy, but what do you think?

{Image Attribution: By CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK (Flickr: Andrej Pejić) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons}

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