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June 10, 2012

Knit a Uterus for a Congressman in Need

June 10, 2012 

Knitting a uterus for a congressman in need, thankfully, doesn't really apply to South African women, as we don't have statesman interested in curbing our rights to contraception and choosing what to do to our bodies.

But in America, Government Free VJJ is hoping to stop these clampdowns on women's rights by knitting or crocheting a uterus for every statesman who is making rules about women's bodies without actually knowing anything about women's bodies at all.

It's quite a cool concept, and I think I might knit a uterus anyway, as a show of solidarity to women in America, and, because, you know, it would look awesome on my couch amongst my scatter cushions and cats. Join me by using one of these patterns.

Wait a minute... that made me sound eerily like The Crazy Cat Lady...

{Image credit: Wikimedia Commons\JMarchn}
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