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June 29, 2012

Elephant Interaction

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@ChristieFynn's recent photo of an elephant made me realise I haven't yet talked about the elephant interaction I experienced at the end of last year.

After reading Lawrence Anthony's The Elephant Whisperer, I felt I had to meet an elephant. Even though the idea of animals being trained for entertainment purposes is unsavoury to me, it is sadly the only way for many of us to be with these wonderful creatures and share in their awe-inspiring auras.

Elephants are known as one of Africa's most intriguing creatures. They are rumoured to have a high regard for their dead; their heads are matriarchal; and just from reading Anthony's book, you can see that they have an intuition that is unparallelled.

Being with an elephant was such a calming experience. It feels like being with one of the oldest souls of the world.

I was sad about seeing the elephants under the guard of men with elephant prods. I know what they're used for, but I will say that the animals looked healthy.

What makes me more sad is the fact that one day, zoos, elephant interactions and the like might be the only way to experience these animals at all.

Anyway, here are some photos from the day. :)

My mom and dad. Classic.
Shaun and I with Themba.

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