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April 27, 2012

Video of the Week

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Reformed Whores' I'm A Slut YouTube Screenshot
April 27,2012 

I absolutely love this song by the Reformed Whores.

Their video is a response to the war on women that seems to be happening across America recently.

Women's rights to contraception, choosing abortion, education, and a range of other issues are being attacked by Republicans pushing against rights that women have been fighting for for centuries.

It would seem a lot of it started with Planned Parenthood's funding being pulled because women were having 'too many abortions'. Then the organisation was hit with an organised smear campaign that painted it as having a selective interest in only poor women's health.

Governments from several states have ruled that abortions are illegal, even if a woman falls pregnant by the travesty of rape, while others have ruled that women cannot have abortions unless they undertake an invasive vaginal sonar, and yet others are trying to pass rules that doctors may not recommend abortion, even if the child or the mother would not survive the birth. These doctors would also not have to tell their patients anything about possible illnesses the phoetus might have.

Women who go for abortions have been accused of being murderers and sluts, while there have been different campaigns about the fact that women should stay at home and raise the children, or struggle if they're single mothers, or that women who look to improve themselves and their lives are sluts.

This is why the Reformed Whores wrote the song, and why I like it so much. :)

What do you think of it?

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