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February 2, 2012

Abortions Based on Sex Selection - Your Thoughts?

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I just read a blog referring to an editorial called "It's a Girl - Could Be A Death Sentence", which talks about how the prevalence of immigrants in Canada aborting their phoetuses if they're female more often.

Reading this comes on the back of an article from my all-time favourite site The Good Men Project about how it feels for a woman to have a child, to breast feed, to have this connection with something so lacking personality and so dependent yet so loved.

When I think about becoming a mother, at the very back of my mind is how important the sex of my baby is. Personally, I don't mind whether it's a boy or a girl, as long as it's healthy.

But imagine falling pregnant and living with this fear that your child is a girl? Imagine how this fear eats away at you as you sit in the doctor's chair for your first ultrasound to find out what sex the baby is. Imagine carrying this little life inside of you - this part of you - but knowing it all - life, motherhood, parenting - depends on its gender. I cannot imagine what goes through a mother's mind to choose to kill their child based purely on its gender.

This is such a difficult situation, because some people would say aborting the child simply because of its sex is not logical, nor is it practical. But the problem is that, if this is what the mother wants, then who are we to tell her otherwise? If we are to deny her the right to choose, then we are simply "[perpetuates] beliefs about women's lives being less important and less valuable than those of men" even more so than the act of killing a female child itself.

Do you agree?

Image from Wikimedia Commons, Inferis

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