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September 27, 2011

Near-Death Experiences

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27 September 2011

I am slightly upset with myself for not purchasing that book about Victorian investigations into the afterlife, now that I've read this...

The book was nestled on a shelf in the history section, along with South African experiences and a biography on Queen Victoria. I decided that it was one book that I didn't have to have on my shelf at home, so left it. But this article reminded me of it.

Apparently near-death experiences occur quite easily. Although many people believe in an afterlife, there has not been any solid proof of this aside from faith and spiritual experiences. But scientists have found that a near-death experience is not paranormal at all, but it is connected to brain functions.

In many cases, it seems, that near-death experiences are reported by people who are not actually in any danger of dying. However, the perception that one is dying is enough to cause the experience, which includes euphoric feelings and travels towards white lights.

This might not be what religious or spiritual people would like to hear, but I would like to know what you think?

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