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September 6, 2011

Masses of animals dying

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6 September 2011

Have you noticed all the stories in the media about masses of animals dying?

There haven't been any recent articles - aside from the usual sad stories about animals threatened by extinction - but I've been reading articles of bees disappearing, then there was the #Aflockalypse at the beginning of the year when all those birds, fish and cows dropped dead...

A story that attracted my attention a while ago was the death of 10 000 bats in a cave in Durham. Certainly, the deaths are being attributed to a natural issue: White Nose Syndrome - an apparently mysterious disease that, I've read elsewhere, resembles a fungi - but how can something so damaging appear so suddenly?

The bats have hibernated in an abandoned mine for generations, but only a fraction of them survived.

What do you think is really going on?

Image from Velho, Wikimedia Commons

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