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September 5, 2011

General Theory Correct

September 5, 2011

So, it seems that Einstein's general theory of relativity is true, at least two parts of it.

NASA's Gravity Probe B's results have been in the making for years, and it finally confirmed two predictions, namely that of space-time warping and frame-dragging. The theory generally describes a theory of gravitation currently accepted in modern science, stating that gravity is the result of the properties of space and time. I don't really understand it, actually! :) But basically this means that Einstein's other theories, such as black holes, and other theories based on spacetime, such as time travel, could also be true.

This remains to be seen. I would personally like to see a teleportation device though. Personally, I cannot imagine how it is possible that we still don't have this kind of technology - if you can dream it you can do it - at least that's been true for most of the things that humans have so far achieved.

Star Trek's replicators would also be an excellent invention. Imagine the world's food problems solved within seconds...