August 26, 2011

A real light sabre

August 26, 2011

What would you do with a real light sabre?

Which of these four outcomes do you think you would be able to achieve?

I would have to agree with the majority here! :)

via GeeksAreSexy
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August 25, 2011

Do I Smell Funny?

25 August 2011

Is this because of the law of the wild? Or did he smell strange?

The law of the wild is supposedly that you should only kill when you are hungry. This rule seems to apply in the scenes alongside, which were captured by photographer Michel Denis-Huot during a safari in the Masai Mara.

It appears that three Cheetah brothers meet an impala and befriend it, since they're not hungry.

In the first image, it looks as though they pursue him with gusto, but give up for some reason.

Perhaps the clever little bokkie had a roll in something that smelt really bad!

What do you think?
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August 23, 2011


The challenges along your chosen path are only a ripple in your perfect stillness, they will come and go as ripples do, so do not dwell on them.

Allow your life to unfold as you desire, trust in the divine presence because you control it. Thank you for being you, you are amazing.

The hardest part of enlightenment is realizing that enlightenment isn't something you will reach in the future, it is in you NOW. All you have to do is TRUST & LOVE, the rest happens as you build your world with your emotions and beliefs.

- I'm not sure where I found this - it's been in my paperwork, and I thought I would share it!
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