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July 27, 2011

We're all afraid...

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February 27, 2011

No one is upfront and honest with anyone anymore.

Case in point: a certain someone threatened another certain someone and the feelings about this situation never gained closure because the former did not treat the latter like a civilised human being. Thus, the latter forms some sort of subconscious vendetta against the former, and discovers that the former is actually a bit of a sneak, but the former is so sneaky that they make an unprecedented move that the latter did not foresee, but which actually just avoids the good-old-hand-shake-and-I'm-sorry way of doing things.

No, you're not really supposed to understand what I'm talking about, but the point is that people do not confront each other face to face anymore. If you have an issue with your neighbour, you'll run to your caretaker and complain about the noise instead of knocking on your neighbour's door and asking them to keep it down a little.

Since when have we all been afraid of confronting people? We are all people. Perhaps it's because we live such secluded lives. We cut ourselves off from everyone except those we deem worth our time, and this inevitably leads to us making enemies of our neighbours, or feeling bad because we never did take that fruit basket to them to welcome them to the neighbourhood. Do these feelings of guilt lead us to neglect civilisation? We feel bad, so don't want to confront the people personally, so we resort to whatever is the authority in our situation?

Why can we not simply take responsibility for what we do to and how we appear to others?

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