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July 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse vs 91 Dead

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24 July 2011

I cannot for the life of me understand why it is that our society is so bent on loving the celebrity culture that it alternately adores and loathes.

Why is it that people care whether or not Lindsay Lohan is in jail again for DUI, or whether Paris Hilton is wearing underwear or not? What is it about the celebrity that we think we need to praise - because, yes, even though we believe what they do is scandalous and embarrassing, we still display their antics for all to see on the front pages of our newspapers and online news sites.

The recent death of Amy Winehouse is such a situation: her death even made it to the Financial Times, and why, pray tell, should we care?

I know it sounds harsh, but she has what she wanted anyway.

Why is it that we are not as caring about the 91 people who were killed in Norway in mysterious right-wing attacks instead? Surely their deaths - which included the deaths of dozens of youngsters who were gunned down while innocently attending a summer camp.

But no...instead the mass of the media is focusing on the death of a woman who embarrassed herself in Germany and elsewhere by performing while horribly drunk; a woman who clearly had no interest in living.

Do you think I'm being too heartless?

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