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May 17, 2011

Wipe away bad memories?

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Would you opt to wipe your mind of bad memories?

Scientists have apparently found a link between a protein in the brain that is linked to recollections of bad memories, and by dampening it down, the memories could be quietened.

This is great for war veterans, or people suffering from post-traumatic stress, but what kind of memories would one be able to pick? And we've certainly learnt from the film industry that suppressed memories can cause some serious problems, such as psychosis. Anyway, I digress...

Would one be able to choose to forget one particular unhappy incident, or would it "erase" all unhappy incidents? I can understand if you'd want to forget killing people in the war, but an unhappy memory involving saying goodbye to a loved one, which you wouldn't actually want to forget - would it also be erased?

What are your thoughts?

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