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May 11, 2011

Reasons for Road Rage

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I was driving to work this morning and was stunned by the lack of courtesy I see on the roads. Oh, I know it happens to me every day, but some days you're in just the right mood to notice it and be hurt by it.

I won't mention people or cars, because I'm not like that, but I did have the right of way and they did cross over a solid line. Perhaps I'm being petty, but I think that's why most drivers get angry - petty things.

So to remind myself that the person in question is human, I compiled a list of things that could explain why that person was so rude:

1. They were late for work, although, sorry, I don't really have sympathy with you for that - just get up earlier.

2. They were rushing to the death bed of a family member, or are still grieving for a lost family member.

3. Their indicator was malfunctioning.

4. They were given special permission.

5. Their car is bigger and faster than mine.

6. They were hungry - yes, hunger makes you batty.

7. Their pet cat ate their pet bird, or some other such catastrophe.

8. They forgot to have their first cup of coffee - we all know how cranky coffee-lovers get without their first fix.

9. Someone forgot their birthday.

10. Their Smart Phone broke and they're in a rush to get updated.

11. They have a horrible hangover and forgot their sunglasses at home.

12. They're really pariahs and are upset that they had to go replenish their food stocks.

13. They were abducted by aliens last night, and remembered everything.

I think I'll stop there - the reasons will just become more and more bizarre! :)

To close, I want to ask everyone to stop and smell the bluegums in the morning! It might not be bluegums, but there's always something worth getting up for.

Image by Graur Razvan Ionut from FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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