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May 3, 2011

Osama is dead. Long live Osama

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3 May 2011

When I heard about Osama Bin Laden being killed over the weekend, it wasn't as much of a shock to me as it seemed to be to everyone else. The amount of coverage he has received now has made him no more dead than Elvis.

Watching the news on Monday evening was annoying - we all know about the 9/11 tragedy, but do we really need to be constantly reminded of it? Nevermind the fallacy of the thousands of troops sent to the Middle East for the "war on terror", and many of those young men losing their lives for king and country, so to speak.

I understand though that Bin Laden's death gives these people who have suffered at his hands some kind of closure, but the fact is that just because he is dead doesn't mean there's not someone out there to take his place. There will always be a terrorist as long as there are weapons.

His killing has also, according to AlterNet writer Joshua Holland, exposed the "folly of pre-emptive war" against nations. All the nations that America has been waging war with since 9/11, all the nations who have lost mothers, fathers and children to the "war on terror", none of them were harbouring this terrorist. He was not anywhere near the war - he was one of those proverbial generals who start the war from the top of the hill and look over the massacre of his own troops.

Pakistan must have had a tough time trying to stay in America's good books without inspiring another pre-emptive war against innocent citizens.

On a lighter note, there was an amusing typo on this website's headline on the story: Obama bin Ladin was killed. I think it's quite funny that America's terrorist and president are only one letter different in their names. :)

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