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May 25, 2011

Book Review || No Surrender! by E. Werner

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No Surrender! is one of those novels that turn into a treasure when you've completed them.

elisabeth-wernerI've been reading a relatively unknown book called No Surrender! by one E. Werner. It was translated from the original German by Christina Tyrrell, and other than this information, it was at first difficult to come by any other details about the book or its author.

Upon some research, I found that E. Werner is Elisabeth B├╝rstenbinder's pen name - and this opened up all the other information I needed! :) The wonders of Google.

Elisabeth's Wikipedia biography page is, sadly, in German so it's a little difficult (for me) to find out what's what... (Maybe someone can help me out?)

From what I can make out, she was born in Berlin, and she was quite a lucrative writer. "No Surrender" is one of several of her books that have been scanned and are available from Project Gutenberg as ebooks.

Elisabeth looks like the stereotypical German lass, but her writing - and its translation - is truly beautiful. She has a spark for describing the landscape and nature with passion and precision, and I can still see the image of the village in the mountains that she conjured up for me in my head, as well as its different faces as it toiled through the seasons.

She also has a way of making the characters very real in your mind, and everyone from George Winterfeld and his lovely lady to the serious and brooding Arno von Raven are brilliantly rendered in all their flaws and merits.

Elisabeth is sure to take you on a journey of sights and emotions that will certainly make you want to read some more of her novels. I certainly do!

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