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May 24, 2011

Favourites - May 12

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I know I said that this was a weekly endeavour, but life sometimes just doesn't turn out the way we'd like! :)

Here are some of my favourite findings from the last few weeks.

I love graffiti artists - and envy their ability to paint on a whim. These geeky paintings are also awesome! :)

I found We Heart Vintage a while ago - it features some really beautiful photos by some talented photographers and of some iconic people. Here is my favourite for the week:

I think it's because I like the black and white effect...

Then, I know it's a bit late since the Royal Wedding is over, and the fact that pictures of Princess Di's last moments are about to be broadcast, but I thought these photos were just freaky - Prince William and Kate share practically the exact same pose that Diana and Charles did upon their engagement.

This Gothic steampunk necklace from Miss Bohemia's blog is very cute. I wouldn't wear it because I love jewellery but never wear it. Except for my wedding ring, of course! :)
Freshly Found is one of the most inspiring blogs I know. They're launching their new website (which might be launched already...) and this is one of the new products they'll be selling.

I love the embroidery on the costume. The backstitching is also perfectly done. *jealous*
Indiespotting spotted these adorable little stuffed toys. These quirky little dolls are just so cute and fun. Looking at them makes me smile! :)

Finally, before I make you too sick and green with all this inspiration, GreenEyedMonster found these digital watercolour paintings.

They are so unique and fun, they'd make a perfect gift.Is that enough inspiration for you?

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