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March 10, 2011

DIY || Rose Alice Band

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10 March 2011

Two weekends ago I spent my Friday evening making an Alice band for my niece. I had made the roses shown below out of folded strips of fabric.

Besides the roses, or other decorations you'd rather use, you'd need an Alice band, a long strip of fabric and a glue gun. The type of fabric you use is your choice of course! I didn't do any stitching along the edges of the satin so that it gives the edges some texture, but you can play around - make seams or fold the fabric until you get the effect you want.

Start from one end of the Alice band: glue a section of the strip on the inside of the band and then wrap the strip around to hide the glue. Continue wrapping the fabric at even intervals so that the band is covered. It's a little more difficult when you reach the other end of the band: trim the strip to the length you need to finish; bend over the end of the strip and secure it, then secure that to the band on the inside. Make sure it's not too lumpy because it's going to go behind your ears!

Finally, put on your embellishments with the glue gun. And voila!

I don't have a photo of how the band looked on my niece, but it suits her so perfectly because her hair is quite thick and short and curly.

What do you think?

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