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March 4, 2011

Russia's clever stray dogs

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4 March 2011

Moscow's trains have regular commuters - stray dogs.

The dogs travel to the centre of the city from the suburbs on the underground trains, spend the day scavenging and begging for scraps and returning to their 'homes' in the suburbs.

The dogs have learnt to get off at the right stop, judging by the length of time they spend between stops, and also know how to get the best carriages.

It is believed that they began their commuting after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 90s - industrial complexes were moved from the city to the suburbs. The complexes were the homeless dogs' shelters, and they had to move to the suburbs along with their homes. They learnt to travel to the city centre because they knew this was the best place to hunt for scraps. These dogs are so smart they've learnt to cross the roads safely, and take silly risks like jumping on the train before the doors shut just for fun.

Note: I had images once but they've been removed from the original site! :(

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