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March 24, 2011

The problem with technology...

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24 March 2011

Technology has usurped our lives.

We no longer meet each other for drinks - we send a message from our social media hangout. When making friends, the first place we look for new ones is Twitter, or a random social network that is filled with people who share the same interests as you. We desperately try to share our personalities with the world, but the internet is so filled with personality that you need to be famous already to truly make an impact.

When we don't know what a word means, we Google it; when we're looking for a recipe, we find it online; when we want to read, we grab our e-readers.

Even our personal relationships are affected: arriving home the first thing we do is launch our PCs into action so we can catch up on the news, or respond to our Facebook pals, or just relax with one of your downloaded films, or simply sit on our cellphones all evening instead. What happened to sharing that time with your family? Conversations are replaced with statements, meals with fast food, reading stories before bedtime with WWF and CSI.

Technology has leaked into every aspect of our lives. We can't live without our cellphones, while 50 years ago not hearing from someone for a day didn't mean they were hijacked or drowned in the bath. Our fridges tell us when we're out of milk and our iPhones tell us how warm our chicken is.

It's all getting a little crazy, in my opinion.

And just because we have the technology - just because we can - we put it wherever we can, and cars are no different.

Tesla is a new carmaker, and they've just confirmed their vehicle will support third party applications just like a smartphone would. The inclusion of an application system would mean that you could update your Twitter or Facebook status while you're driving, or have something to do while you're waiting at the traffic lights. I'm curious about this, because if they're telling us that using a cellphone while driving slows our reaction time, imagine what this would do!?

The more connected we are though, the less connected we really are. What do you think?

I've been bad myself - I get home in the evenings and peruse the internet for hours until I'm too tired to go on. Technology makes you more tired, and I've been trying not to let social media take over my life. The whole weekend I stayed off of my PC and I have to say that I felt refreshed after the weekend. I intend to do this more often, and focus on the things I keep telling myself I want to do, like paint and draw and read and write.

There's still not enough time though! ;)

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