Beautiful places in the world

2 February 2011

I feel overwhelmed sometimes, because I would love to see them all, but I know that life is short in this world and doing everything is impossible.

One can dream I suppose!

There are a few places that I would love to go to though:

- Macchu Picchu for the severe ancientness that will confront me. Plus, Llamas are cute! :)

- New Orleans because Anne Rice made me fall in love with the place.
Photo by Jan Kronsell
- Somewhere up north enough for me to see the Northern Lights.
Photo by Image Editor

- The Okavango, the Serengeti, or somewhere in Africa where I can experience real wild life.

- Japan, because, even though they're horrible to their animals, I must, need to, see their cherry trees in blossom!
Photo by Jason Pratt
I really could continue, but these are my top destinations!

What are yours?


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