MIM || New lounge curtains...with flowers!

22 February 2011

I've been working on these lounge curtains for a year now.

I measured up the curtains and measured out the drops, but I didn't have enough fabric. So I decided I would add a tier of another colour. I bought that fabric only to find that I was missing an entire drop - don't ask me how that happened, because I don't know.

So I struggled to find a matching colour, using instead the closest colour possible. When I finally sewed it all together, inspiration hit and I decided to put flowers on the curtains. Alas, another weekend later and finally I have the new curtains up!

For the flowers, I used orange voile (because for some reason everything in our lounge is orange - although it does look yellow in the light) torn into strips, and then rolled up for the first few metres. The last sections I wrapped haphazardly around the centre to make a bud.

I attached them to the curtains on Saturday and hung the curtains on Sunday. The result of my efforts:

Of course, it had to have approval from quality assessor for the day. Polly. Does she look pleased?


  1. I think so too. Although it's more about the sun than the curtains! :)


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