February 28, 2011

My Favourite Posts of the Week: February 28

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I apologise...this post is two weeks late...but here are links to some of the best posts I've come across. Over the last two weeks, of course! :)

I had one of the best giggles in a while looking at this pic (left) from Geeks are Sexy. The force is strong in these plants, yes!

Jody Hedlund is a writer, and her blog confronts some facts that writers have to face all too often. I enjoyed her post about the pressure created by the internet for young writers. We are all so inspired by all the social media and the talking and writing that we really just want to get out there and be published. So she's given us some tips on how to handle everything.

This post got me thinking about how sneaky advertising really is. Although we hate those infomercials and know they're oh-so-fake, we're still thinking about getting one of the items to try for ourselves, aren't we? What if reviewers are also being sneaky about it?

I am absolutely loving The Anne Boleyn Files, a blog that I happened across one day. I love history and period romances, so this genuine historical story gets me really interested. In this post, Claire asks whether the way we think about the Tudors - ie Henry VIII as being selfish and egotistical and other things - is not coloured by the way we have advanced as a society?

Wonder how time can drag on sometimes and go so quickly at other times? The Brain Lady tells you why here.

If you have a daughter, or are at least planning to have children one day, you should consider the way you talk about beauty when around their sponging brains. In The Good Men Project's post, the author postulates that little girls are exposed to constant cues to show them that beauty is one of the most important aspects they'll have, and the words a person uses around them can quickly cement this in their minds.

The last two posts both come from Green Eyed Monster, a great crafty site that will, indeed, turn you into a green-eyed monster. I love these photos of little babies (pictured above) - it's usually complicated enough trying to take photos of them, but the artist has worked with them in this case, using their little sleeping figures for the images. So adorable!

And then these gorgeous fabric flowers are so clever! You'll never have to water plants again, and they'll never lose their colour. Personally, I would have to dust a lot more often...

Thanks to everyone mentioned for such great inspiration! :)

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