Book Review || Eric by Terry Pratchett

Like a good wine, Terry Pratchett certainly gets better with age!

Eric is one of his earlier novels, and I have to admit that his more recent novels, such as A Hat Full of Sky and Monstrous Regiment are much more enjoyable.

"Eric" follows the return of Rincewind - well, a sort of return, since he is completely overshadowed by the story in this novel. He is summoned by Eric, a Faustian character, as a demon who must grant him three wishes. Eric won't believe that Rincewind isn't a demon, and he does have the ability to move them from place to place by clicking his fingers. We follow Rincewind, Eric and, of course, the Luggage, as they travel around the world and through time to bring Eric his three wishes. But the demon world is really controlling the situation, all so that, like within the bowels of the Unseen University, the hierarchy can be changed.

The novel is funny and adventurous, but I did find it lacking in comedy - perhaps because I am now used to Pratchett's advanced vitriolic humour familiar in his later novels.

The King of Hell is quite hilarious though.


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