January 2, 2011

Away for the holidays

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2 January 2011

My husband and I haven't been away in a while - just the two of us having an adventure - so we went to the Magaliesberg in the north-west of Gauteng.

Whispering Pines Country Estate is just outside of the city of Magaliesburg. I wasn't aware of it when booking, but the entire area once belonged to Farmer Brown Chickens, and the reception and restaurant area of the hotel was actually the original farmhouse where the owner of the chicken company stayed.

Although many of the properties were sold off, there are still several chicken farms in the surrounding area. Unfortunately this also meant that our nostrils were assailed by the occasional smell of chicken farm.

The lodge is very pretty though - the gardens are well-kept, the service is efficient and almost too quick and the air is fresh enough (most of the time!) to allow you to feel as though you're far away from the city and work life.

I can't help imagining what it must be like to run a place like that, far away from most civilisation. But the one manager said in this line of business, you spend little time with family, so that must be one of the cons of lodge management.

The first day saw us relax by the pool for a while, and the three-course dinner was very impressive! Breakfast on the second day was also lovely - crumpets, muffins, croissants, cold meats, fruit and a country breakfast - just what you need to make you super lazy!

The second day offered us a relaxing massage, although I wouldn't say it was that great, but I still felt relaxed!

On the third day, we took a hike up the ridge, which offered a lovely view of the Magaliesberg from the hills we were staying at, which are the Witwatersberg. I forgot to put sunscreen on the tops of my hands so they were a bit burnt! :P

Even though we were there for three nights, and left feeling relaxed, I still don't feel ready for work! :)

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