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December 14, 2010

I love hairy caterpillars

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Photo by FireflyAfrica
14 December 2010

Though I haven't seen one personally for many years, not since I was a child.

FireflyAfrica posted this picture on their blog, and it reminded me of the hairy one I saw in the purple plum tree outside our house. I remember rushing off screaming "Daddy, daddy!" and excitedly dragging him and everyone else who was interested to the tree to show them.

My parents have always been so patient with whatever I happened to bring home or show them. I collected everything from halved bird's eggshells and seed pods to dried flowers and, yes, even rat skeletons.

I purged myself of this childlike collection a while ago, but now mourn the fact that I don't have the trinkets anymore, with the exception of one or two mementos.

It's the worst when my dad asks my niece, who is also quite taken with nature's trinkets, "Has Roane shown you her collection yet?"

I gulp then, and think about how I shouldn't have "rid" myself of them at all. And how do I explain to him that I don't have it anymore? Sigh...at least I still have the stamps.

Yes, I still have the stamps.

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