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October 27, 2010

Racy Calvin Klein ad depicts assault?

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27 October 2010

There's a great controversy going on in the fashion world currently as a result of a Calvin Klein advertisement stuck on billboards across Sydney, Australia.

The controversy comes as the image seemingly portrays sexual assault of one woman by a bevy of muscled and denimed men.

The supermodel was wearing practically nothing, while the men seem to be roughing her up a little.

The billboards have been taken down, after the Australian advertising standards bureau deemed the image to be demeaning to women.

I found the comments the best part of the article.

One person said that people who had never had rough sexual contact before were missing out, while another person said, "But all of those men are gay". Obviously the latter statement alludes to most men in the fashion industry allegedly being gay.

What do you think?

Via TheWeek.com

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