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October 15, 2010

Now hippo poaching?

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Hippo with scars in river, Africa
15 October 2010

Just when we think we're getting somewhere with the rhino poaching, the latest news reports that a butchery of hippo meat, skin and skulls was found in KwaZulu-Natal.

The meat was hanging over a plastic bath, while the skin would be used for sjamboks.

I think the biggest problem with poaching is that it has an international consumer base: tourists.

Tourists want things from Africa to take home with them, and Africa has become known as a place where resources are never-ending. Tourists want skulls to display, feet to use as footrests, skins to drape over their couches.

We need to perhaps educate tourists to Africa about the dire situation that we are facing in Africa. Our animals are being killed for nothing, for their mythical properties: rhino horns for their youth-restoring properties, lions because tiger's are endangered, hippos for the tourism industry.

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