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October 14, 2010

I worry about the ethical decline of the human race

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Angry Businessman
14 October 2010

I worry about the ethical decline of the human race.

I don't know where it started, though my husband surmises it might have been when women decided that they could be promiscuous just like men.

I tend to agree in a way, because it is true that women are what hold society and sanity together.

Slowly but surely, women have forgotten that it's not important to be sexy, to be liked, to be popular..but to be examples.

I believe though that the media is one of the biggest culprits of the change in a society that is filled with the rape of young toddlers by men and even boys, where pornography has skewed the viewers' sense of what constitutes a fulfilled sex life, where the age restriction for "Eyes Wide Shut" prevented me from watching the film when I was 17 ten years ago has decreased to allow children of 13 to capture full frontal images.

However, I truly believe that the error also lies with some parents - I say some because I do not wish to generalise. Some parents truly do not care what their children are watching on television as long as they're out of their hair. Some parents drop their children off at malls with wads of cash just to keep them busy over the weekend. Some parents get horribly drunk in front of their children, swear, and smoke, and expect their children to grow up with good morals when they had no example to look up to.

One could speculate forever about the reasons for our society's demise, but I don't think you would come to a conclusion or a solution.

It makes me sad sometimes to think that I am part of a people who don't appreciate their environment, who don't slow their car down to let a pigeon pass them in the road, who swear and gesticulate simply because you take too long to get out of a parking space.

It is the little things that count after all, and it's the little changes that we could make that would make all the difference.

Think about the little things you do that could change one person's life for the day in a GOOD way and do that.

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