DIY || Upcycle your newspaper!

6 September 2010

Friday before last, I was bitten by a bug to do something creative yet quick. I found this tutorial through one of my subscriptions (Thanks Green Eyed Monster!), and had fun creating three of these lovely baskets! Plus, they're really all about upcycling, because you use old newspaper and create something useful and beautiful! 

Here are my pics of my work, and a short tutorial.
1. Start out with scissors, staples and stapler, and a pile of newspaper - the size of your box depends on the size of the newspaper, but local newspapers torn in half give you a box about 20cm x 30cm. You can also use a glue gun if you'd like to keep it neater.

2. Fold the newspaper into strips: first in half lengthwise, then in half again, and then in half again - you should need about 18 strips if I remember correctly...this, of course, changes depending on how big you want your box! :)

3. Begin weaving the strips together, starting from the centre of the basket's bottom. You need to have six strips eight strips in your weave if you're making a box like mine.
4. It seems a little complicated once you begin to make the sides of the box, but it's very simple - simply fold up the strip on the very edge on the short side of the box, then fold up the strip on the edge of the longer side of the box, and continue weaving with the strip from the long side, following your weave pattern.
5. Your box should look something like this now...
6. Trim the strips so that the top of the box is even.
7. Join two of your strips together, and fold them in half lengthwise once again - you will use this strip to cover the edges of your box, as in the image above.
8. This just finishes off your box neatly.

And there you have your box! I thought that if you really would like to, you could spray them with an acrylic sealer, or paint them a particular colour, and then seal them. This would also harden the box, and no one would know that you've just used *gasp* newspaper! :)

What do you think? Please link to your results in the comments - I would love to see your results! Have fun!


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