September 6, 2010

Our Polly

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Our Polly
6 September 2010

Polly is our slightly dilly cat.

I don't really know what made me choose her when we were at the pet shop...she just seemed the most relaxed. An error of judgement on my part perhaps, but she's definitely added a little more fun to our lives!

She was named Polly for an obvious reason - she used to sleep on our shoulders, or the back of our chairs, a habit that has not entirely left her, as she still likes to claw her way up the back of your chair and place herself behind your head.

Her nickname, however, is Hyena, because she is such a slinky creature.

She is also the epitome of the phrase "small things amuse small minds" - she'll spend hours throwing around a piece of bark or plastic - as long as it's in the bathroom where it can make a noise on the floor.

The funniest moments though, are when she sits on her toy balls and tries to dig them out from under her, or wiggles her bum in the air as she's about to launch into the air in the direction of one of our other cats.

She was also the first to be adopted by Ming - the two of them look like a yin-yang symbol as they kick each other's heads.

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