Euthanasia: what would you choose?

14 September 2010

There has been a lot of controversy recently about choosing euthanasia if you're suffering and know that you're going to die.

The controversy rests in the fact that those assisting someone in self-euthanasia are considered murderers by the majority of the "ethical" world.

The topic has once again risen in status following Free TV Australia's banning of an advertisement advocating such a service. However, the creators have vowed to continue with their television and billboard advertising campaigns despite this first rejection.

The advertisement, below, features an ill man talking about his choices - he covers everything, from whom he decided to marry to the car he decided to drive, but is not his choice to lie in pain, to struggle to live, to involve his family in it.

He concludes by saying that he just needs the government to listen to his plea now.

What are your thoughts about this situation? If you had the choice now to be euthanised when you're lying in a hospital bed with no way of ever getting up again, perhaps even paralysed or brain-dead, what would you do?


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