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August 26, 2010

Wildebeest and zebra migratory patterns in threat

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Wildebeests (connochaetes taurinus) run after crossing the Mara river during a migration in the Masaai Mara game reserve, 270 km (165 miles) southwest of capital Nairobi, August 25, 2010. The migration is the world's greatest wildlife spectacle taking place between the open plains of the Serengeti and the Masaai Mara as the animals migrate to greener pastures as the seasons change and the circle of life and death continues. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya (KENYA ANIMALS TRAVEL - Tags: SOCIETY ENVIRONMENT ANNIVERSARY IMAGES OF THE DAY)
26 August 2010

The Serengeti is a vast plain in Tanzania, dotted with watering holes and filled with wildebeest and zebra gathering in huge herds for annual migrations. It's a popular tourist haunt, and is a haven for wildlife in Africa.

But one of the world's natural wonders is in danger of having a highway scar the landscape and disturb the ancient migratory patterns of these massive herds.

The plain is one of the last hoofed migrations sites left in the world, and it is a symbol of wild nature the world over. It's also a huge source of income for Tanzanian people through ecotourism.

The highway is planned to be 420km long between Arusha at Mount Kilimanjaro and Musoma on Lake Victoria. The route cuts through the northern Serengeti, and so endangers 2 million wildebeest and zebra who travel from the south to the north in search of water.

It has been said that the highway could just as easily be built through the south of the plains without interrupting the migration patterns. If this isn't considered, there would be stunted migration, and animals would be hit by cars.

Visit this site and sign a petition to stop this plan!

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