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August 14, 2010

We're all connected!

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Shadow of a Man Rubbing His Head14 August 2010

I went to my third Reiki lesson today. It's really part of preparation for Reiki as yet - last week we had psychic development, which I haven't really been practicing since.

Anyway, today we learnt about the different layers of the aura. The theory behind it all is so interesting: we have a physical body, which is surrounded by the etheric body. The etheric body is sort of a skin around our physical body. When children fall over their feet, it's as though they're wearing pajamas that are too big for them. Their etheric aura has grown in order to allow the physical body to fill it.

There have apparently been theories that with leaves that are going to grow soon, the etheric aura gows out in the shape of the leaf and the physical leaf actually grows into this space that has been made for it.

There is also an astral aura, which is liquid, and which we send out - subconsciously of course - into other people's auras to see whether we're compatible or not.

All of this is sort of disordered now, but it just makes me think that we're all so connected and we're don't realise it. We have such an ability to connect with each other, and yet we're all living in our own little worlds...driving our compartments down the road, sitting in our cubicles at work...all alone.

And I have to say also that when we read the auras, I couldn't see a thing!!! :(

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