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July 26, 2010

Help save the Transfrontier Conservation Area and Mapungubwe National Park!

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26 July 2010

This occurrence is just another sign that the Department of Mineral Resources does not particularly care about the interests of the South African generations to come, nor in fact does it care about the so-called democracy that our country stands for.

It has provided a mining licence to Coal of Africa - an Australian company - to go forward with open cast and underground coal mining just 5.4km from the border of the Mapungubwe National Park and Heritage Site.

The area is the centre of the new Transfrontier Conservation Area spreading across South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe, and this area should be preserved as an international tourism jewel and a site of African heritage. If, of course, it doesn't get destroyed by the short-term and rich-making schemes of those who are going to benefit from the coal mine. And I can guarantee that it's not society in general that will benefit - only a few slimers with their hand in the pudding.

The mine has been opposed by many government departments, including the Department of Environmental Affairs. The Department of Water Affairs has not issues a water licence either. But the DMR has made a unilateral decision to grant the licence despite not actually having the permission to do so yet.

A coalition of NGOs is in the final stages of preparing for legal action against the DMR and its, apparent, illegal action.

Sign this petition to help the reserve! The campaign is an important part of the battle to preserve the sensitive and important areas of South Africa against indiscriminate mining, housing and other approvals.

Please sign it! :(

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