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July 23, 2010

Cutting my own hair

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Woman Having Bad Hair Day
23 July 2010

I want to cut my own hair this weekend!

It's a daunting prospect, because I know how horrible I've felt before with a cut that was less than I was expecting (or more - whatever the case may be: I once went for a trim, giving the hairdresser my exact specifications, and somehow I had ended up with a cut just like my mom's, even though we had given different specs! And it was poofy!)

I think perhaps I'll try this how-to guide from Wikipedia's WikiHow. It seems simple enough - keep your hair wet, cut it all the same length from your bangs to the back of you head - got it!

The entire idea becomes more overwhelming as I imagine myself getting all knotted up with the scissors and my thin hair, snipping off way too much and looking like a baldy, cutting way too skew and discovering my "emo" side, bits of hair flying everywhere as I frantically attempt to rectify my ugly hairdo...

urgh...maybe I should rather leave it to the hair dresser!

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