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July 13, 2010

Refashion || Changing a peasant top to a chamisole

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13 July 2010

I had this peasant top that I wasn't really comfortable in - I'd made it myself, but ... you know how sometimes things just don't fit right? Well, I decided to make it into a camisole instead. So here's a tutorial if you would like to do it with one of your own tops.

1. This is the top before I started. It had organza around the edging at the top and the sleeves, but I had unpicked everything before taking the pictures.

With this style, you need to remove the sleeves.

2. This is the top without the sleeves. The neckline is too high, so you need to cut it off a bit.

3. Here is the top with the neckline cut down - it's still a straight neckline, just lower to match with the straps. The final step is to sew the seam on the neckline and add the straps. I used the leftover organza to make the straps.

4. This is the final result. Sorry, of course no pics with me in it! :)

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