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November 23, 2009

A random post on ... shoes

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I was wondering today about the proliferation of shoes in women's cupboards. I myself have a number of pairs lying in a pile at the bottom of the cupboard...alas, I probably only use three or four pairs.

My shoes are, however, strikingly normal compared to those that you see when browsing the stores. Gulp-inducing high-heels, catch-your-breath stilettos and "aren't they painful" wedges are only some of the shoes that women can pick from.

Even more important is that, when choosing a pair of shoes, you have an outfit that you a) either have in mind to match the shoe, or b)are going to buy for the purpose of matching the shoe that you just purchased.

Shoes meet so many more needs than simply matching an outfit: they can instil confidence in the wearer, making them feel sleek and powerful; they can add height to those who are vertically challenged; they can add to the enjoyment of an evening out by being more comfortable than you expected; they keep our feet cool and clean when walking outside; they keep our feet warm and unexposed in moments of cold...

And so the list goes on. You won't find a single girl in the world who will admit to not liking a new pair of shoes.

I'm not really one to advise on the use of shoes, since the majority of my shoes are geared towards comfort - most of them are flat, and those with heels fall within the large proportion of shoes that I don't wear. Ever.

Give me my most worn, most comfortable, most ugly shoes, and I'll be as happy as a clam! :)

November 13, 2009

Causing our own cataclysm?

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The film 2012 is coming out in South Africa soon - it has already been released in America - on the 13th of November no less. This is apparently a very harmonic number, but this blog is not about the harmony of the number. It's about the prophecy that the film apparently fulfils.

The 2012 film seems to be a fictional account of the cataclysm that might occur on that day, almost exactly two years from now, as prophesied by the Mayan calendar. The Mayan calendar dates back to at least the 6th century BC, and there is a popular New Age belief that the calendar ends its run on 21 December 2012, thus predicting the end of the world.

To digress slightly, there have been reports about Internet "bots" that spend the entire day searching for words, terms and items that are used the most, talked about the most, and obviously uppermost in the concerns of people writing and using the Internet. These bots were originally created for another purpose, but while doing this they also found patterns of language indicating concern. The basic idea is: "just like a rock thrown in pond makes ripples in all directions, events in time cause ripples both forward and backwards". There are people who can perceive these backwards ripples, but they are few and far between. However, now that we have the Internet is accessible to almost all of humankind, it is much easier to pick up these ripples - backwards or forwards, it seems.

The database from which these "bots" work is massive, and consists of thousands of interactions of interactions. By going through all the layers, they can spot concepts that appear or disappear, and can begin to predict changes in the real world. This all leaks back to the fact that all humans are psychic, whether we'd like to admit it or not - this is because we are all connected to each other on a giant web of life - like spiders, we can pick up each others' thoughts, and possibly we are sometimes simply hearing what someone else has thought.

I have the perfect example of this: on the way home from work one day, travelling on the highway, I drove past an offramp. The thought popped into my head that "I should have taken that offramp". Lo and behold, as I turned the corner, brake lights extended into the distance, and I spent about half an hour in the traffic, whereas had I taken the other offramp, I might have missed it.

How many other people thought the exact same thing as they came upon the back-up? Did I really think that just as I passed the offramp, or did I simply hear all their combined thoughts? This theory can also be extended to the work of David Wilcock - famed for being Edgar Cayce's reincarnation. He speaks of a global consciousness of humanity, of which we are all a part. It is this global consciousness that can affect the real world.

As I return to the bots and the film 2012, everything will become clearer as I ramble on ... :) The film is obviously going to create a bit of a sensation - predicting the end of the world is no small matter, especially as it uses an age-old prophecy that has been sitting in the backs of people's mind for ages.

Would this film not cause some kind of subconscious mass hysteria among us, which in turn may actually create the reality, since we are all so absolutely powerful? The bots might even be able to predict whether the global consciousness is being affected by the film, and so might predict an end of the world that we ourselves create through our mass negativity and concern.

Something to think about? This despite the theory that the Mayan calendar actually does not end in 2012?