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August 26, 2009

Our children

I've been wondering why people have children.

I know several people who have kids, but they don't have time for them. They get a maid, or two, to help them out, and this lady invariably raises their children for them.

The problem is that very seldom do these ladies feel they have a right to discipline the children, so simple things like manners and courtesy are left out of their lives. The parents are also lax: they spend their spare time with the children, instead of making their children their lives.

Then, even when they don't have time for even one child, they go on and have another, and some people have another! Clearly, having children is no longer something that you long for as you grow older, but another means of showing off your status - of having a reason to buy that 4x4 that will never touch the bush; something extra to brag about and get approval from society for - it is no longer a humble part of being human. Nevermind everything that these children are lacking.

Sure, our children are getting smarter with every generation, but I think that is because of the food we give them. Also, we stop noticing how smart our children are when they get to the age where they sit in front of the television all day, or become embroiled in television games. I have an idea that this is because these activities are designed to stunt individual thought, intelligence and mental development.

We're not meant to become a smarter species, for then we will see what exactly our leaders are really doing to us.