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April 3, 2009

To club or not to club...I don't know if it's really a question...

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As long as I can remember, human rights activists have been trying to stop the slaughter of seals. It is expected that as many as 338 200 of these gentle animals will be heartlessly clubbed to death in the snow.

Peta is once again calling for people to take action against this "tradition", particularly as Canada is preparing to host the 2010 Winter Olympics. It is hoped that this attention on the country will bring greater scrutiny, and hopefully instil a desire to become a positive example for the world.

What is the worst thing about these massacres are that, despite the idea of culling, the seals' skins, once their skulls are crushed or they are shot, are used for "fashion". Apparently, the sealers often hook seals in their sensitive areas to avoid damaging the pelt, and they don't usually check to see whether the seals are unconscious.

I don't really know how effective these pleas for petitions and action really are, considering that so many are made and yet so many animals are still savagely killed for their fur.

I'm not really sure why I keep writing about these stories; perhaps I liked their logo against the clubbing.

If you want to join the cause and try to stop the powers that be, you can do so here.

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