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April 23, 2009


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I was washing the dishes the other night and listening to the script of Style Her Famous and it occurred to me that everything about these makeover shows and about the entertainment industry in general is so circular!

The point of a makeover show is to give you confidence, so they proclaim. But the only reason that these women, and a lot of women out there, have a lack of confidence in themselves is because of the fashion world.

Everywhere we look we are bombarded by women who are "perfect", but we all know that we can look just as good as them with some Photoshop techniques applied to our "flaws" or some professionally-done make-up. And of course, a stylist who knows just what outfit will flatter us the most.

Just look at how beautiful normal girls look when they are pampered and preened as the celebrities of today are every day. Just imagine if we were not constantly exposed to this false beauty, and had real people to look up to.

How different would all women feel and be?

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