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February 18, 2009

Are YOU Connected?

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I have been reading Annie Coetzee's book Are you Connected?

The book is mainly about how everything in your body, and everything and everyone around you is connected by energy. The idea is that if you have a negative thought, or someone has planted a negative thought into your mind, it will sooner or later manifest itself as reality if you take the words to heart.

Because our body's cells and organs are so connected to each other through our inherent energy, believing something with your mind, and not allowing your heart to tell you whether or not to believe the brain, inevitably causes it to be true.

If you think about it, this does happen. How often, on a day when you are feeling relatively pleased and happy, will someone say a single thing, such as "You look tired" or "You're so pale". If you take their words to heart, you will feel run down, and pale, and perhaps even let yourself get sick.

I'm not well myself at the moment, and the book encourages you to think about the emotions you have had recently and how they are affecting your body, because every emotion affects everyone in a different way. Over the last few days I have felt frustrated, and perhaps this has illuminated itself in me as a backache, which has steadily grown worse. Once I had a real sit down last night to think about my feelings, and clarify them to myself, it seems as though my back feels better.

Possible? I don't know, but I do believe that thinking positively will bring positivity into your life. Thus feeling negatively can also bring negativity into your life? Maybe we should be humble and let our negative emotions flit over us without taking hold, and allow all the good ones to take over and make us all happy!

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